BANDUNG: What to DO (English)

Bandung is a beautiful city with lots of hidden gem within the city, what I am doing right now is to discover some of it in 5 days, why only some of it? Because I want to have a reason to be back to Bandung in the future.

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Touchdown BANDUNG! (Indonesia)

“Temperatur disini pas untuk saya”, itulah yang pertama saya pikirkan.

Kota Bandung dikelilingi oleh pegunungan, sehingga bentuk teritorinya seperti mangkuk besar. Suhu udara disini juga cukup sejuk (untuk negara tropis) dengan suhu rata-rata 23.5ºC karena Bandung terletak di ±768 m di atas permukaan laut. 

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Touchdown, BANDUNG! (English)

“The temperature here is just right for me”, that’s what came first in my mind.

The city of Bandung is surrounded by mountains, so the morphological form of its territory is like a giant bowl, the weather itself is quite cool (for a tropical country) with an average of 23.5ºC  as it is located ±768 m above sea level.

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Mount Batur, when life is too flat, climb a mountain! (English)


On 12th of August 2017, me and my friends in Bali went to catch a sunrise from one of Balinese’s exotic, active Volcano, Mount Batur.

It all started when we met for a lunch the previous month, my friend, Michelle, introduced me to her sister, Angel, whom moved to Bali recently to live together with Michelle.

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