Officially Moving to Australia

I sincerely hope that nobody would ever read this post..

I wrote this especially in english because I know it will be embarassing if any of my family member read about this, especially my mom.  Continue reading “Officially Moving to Australia”

Hostel Review: Uno Capsule Hostel, Medan (English)

After more than a year I wrote lots of interesting (an also un-interesting) stuff, finally I received my first invitation as a reviewer for a new hostel in Medan, called Uno Capsule Hostel. Even though I was given the honor to do such important thing, I will always give my true honest review and of course critics to help them learn and becoming a better hostel. Continue reading “Hostel Review: Uno Capsule Hostel, Medan (English)”

Train Experience: Yogyakarta to Surabaya in a Business Coach (English)

When you heard of “Business Coach”, you might think about how luxury my experience was. 5th of March 2018, safely landed in Yogyakarta at 10 pm. My travelling shedule were supposed to start at Surabaya, but why was I happened to show up in Yogyakarta?  Continue reading “Train Experience: Yogyakarta to Surabaya in a Business Coach (English)”

Mount Bromo and The Crater (English)

The first thing people wanted to see while visiting a mountain is it’s sunrise, and the second thing is of course the mountain itself. So you basically know where we’re heading next!

It’s better for you not to sleep after your sunrise encounter. From mount penanjakan to mount bromo took around 20 minutes with the jeep, with the best view around 5 minutes before you get down to mount bromo’s area. I didn’t manage to take any picture of the view because I was extremely sleepy and I totally forgot to take out my camera. But I can show you how the view might look like. Continue reading “Mount Bromo and The Crater (English)”