The Bitter-sweet life in Devonport, Tasmania

Before I start this blog with my story, let’s get to know Tasmania first. Here’s a fully copied paragraphs from wikipedia.

Tasmania (/tæzˈmniə/;[11] abbreviated as TAS) is an island state of Australia. It is located 240 km (150 mi) to the south of the Australian mainland, separated by Bass Strait. The state encompasses the main island of Tasmania, the 26th-largest island in the world, and the surrounding 334 islands.[12] The state has a population of around 526,700[1] as of March 2018. Just over forty percent of the population resides in the Greater Hobart precinct, which forms the metropolitan area of the state capital and largest city, Hobart.[13]

Tasmania’s area is 68,401 km2 (26,410 sq mi), of which the main island covers 64,519 km2 (24,911 sq mi).[14] It is promoted as a natural state, and protected areas of Tasmania cover about 42% of its land area, which includes national parks and World Heritage Sites.[15] Tasmania was the founding place of the first environmental political party in the world.[16]

The blue dot is Tasmania Island

Before my arrival in Tasmania, I saw a lifestyle blogger, living her life to the fullest with the beauty of Tasmania, even thinking about staying in Tasmania for the whole visa duration, a very rare thought as most of the people with Work and Holiday Visa prefer to explore each states of Australia equally. 

Yes, the pictures she took are all flawlessly breath-taking and it makes everyone wanted to explore Tasmania as soon as possible, including me, which explains why I am choosing Tasmania in the first place, because apparently a blogger’s Tasmanian lifestyle had influences my poor, life decision making. 

The view of the housing area I was living at.

Another reason to support my decision is because I can extend my visa duration for another year by working at a farm in Tasmania for 88 days, making it as a Work and Holiday Visa with 2 years duration. Why choosing the farm in Tasmania? Because of it’s cool temperature, since a farm job is usually done in an open environment with a direct exposure of sunlight, at least it could be paired with a cool weather to calm the heat. 

someone who was born in a tropical country, living in a place with a cool weather has always been my dream. I’ve also loved the nature, with green scenery around me and the fresh air. A friend of mine told me that Tasmania is like a little miniature of New Zealand, and I couldn’t agree more. Tasmania is an exquisite island, a perfect place for anyone who wanted a peace of mind in between their hectic lifestyle.

Well, that was all I expected from Tasmania, to live like a free wanderer, exploring it’s nature, living life at its best.. 


It was all a very long story, but brace yourself, as I will tell everything in details. Prepare your popcorn, or your favorite drink on your side, while you’re indulging into this story of loneliness and depression, which apparently opened up my mind into a whole new different level, no joke, I actually felt like I was being reborn into a new person with completely new feelings.

The fact that I didn’t saw the most important part of everyone’s trip, is that they all came to Tasmania in a pair, with their friends, or family, or some other strangers they’ve just met halfway there, while I decided to move to Tasmania all by myself, a very dumb move, made by a dumb person.

The view from the living room

It was also an extremely bad move because apparently I found a house to stay in Devonport, Tasmania, with only me as the only person living in the house. At first, I thought there will be a group of people staying in the house, while we sat together every night and tell stories about how we ended up living in Tasmania, cooking food together occasionally to celebrate our fun days living in that house, travelling around the island together, which turns out was a big bubble of fragile fantasy, as I only felt loneliness and depression throughout my days living there, which I ended up moving to Sydney alltogether after spending 1 week in Tasmania and even to the point of having a phobia of being alone.

Seriously, Tasmania is beautiful, *dropping the mic, but, *picking the mic up again, that place can cause loneliness when you went there all by yourself and already get the idea of living a city life for a very long time. The whole week living in Tasmania, all I ever care about were a human interaction and moving to Sydney as soon as possible. 

Back then, I always saw those challenge in Instagram or Facebook post, where people are challenging some big amount of imaginary money to whoever can live alone in a house, in the middle of a wood, with no internet connection, no phone, no social interaction, and all those no non-sense, and I always answered that I can do it, I would be very happy to do it!

Turns out I’m getting the fruit of what I’m always hoping for.. to live alone in a house, with the city only alive until 5pm. From 5pm onwards, all I can see is probably a road with nothing pass through it, a cold autumn night with no heater placed in the room (I even had to sleep in the living room because the heater is there). Sure, it was fun when you came with a bunch of friends, living together, always goes everywhere leaving nobody behind, but what about me? I don’t think I will ever have a thought to leave anyone at that moment.. because I have nobody.

These are all from my perspective of living there as what I experienced, others’ experience might be a completely different fun filled days, but if you really get to be in my shoes, you will know.. it was hell! 

I used to dream about having a house to stay on my own, but after my 1 week experience of loneliness, I am very glad, to the point of feeling blessed, that I could sleep in the same room with some other people. 

But, why won’t you just move sooner? Why are you even waiting for a week, spending your time in hell?

Well, I trapped myself in Tasmania by buying a car, and registering for a debit card, which will need to wait for a week for the debit card to be delivered to my address. And to sell that car, I will need a debit card as well, which makes it all tangled all together. Even though I was thinking about leaving the debit card behind and just sell the car right away… nope! can’t do it!

On 11th of April 2019, exactly 1 week after I opened my bank account, I was supposed to see my debit card in the mail box that day. I woke up surprisingly early that day just to check on the empty mailbox, again and again. Around 12pm, I knew that I have to let go of the fact that my debit card won’t arrive and I will need to wait for few more days, but I forced myself to check on the mailbox one more time, and guess what, I saw a letter sent by the bank, containing my debit card inside.

The first thing I do, I ran like an excited lunatic to the house, sat on the sofa and re-checking the actual content of the letter. Still can’t believe on what’s happening, I cried like crazy for a great 30 seconds, then starting to pack all of my stuff like I was being chased by a serial killer. I then went to Tasmania-Service, which I will explains more next time, settling some paperwork for selling my car, went to Launceston (about an hour drive from Devonport) to pick up my friend at his workplace, who happen to be the one buying my car, and asked him to drive me to the airport. 

I decided to take the flight from Launceston Airport. It’s around an hour drive from Devonport. I had 2 options that day, 5pm flight, or 8pm flight. Both options were fine, because in the end, I get to move to Sydney. But as excited as I’ve ever been the past few days, I brought the 5pm ticket just to make it happen faster. With the cold sweat and all the timing-related drama, I reached Launceston Airport at 3.30pm, finally a right decision after days of regretting my past decisions. 

I will explains more regarding buying a car, selling a car and opening a bank account in my next post. It might be too long to explain everything here. 

Now, off to Sydney!

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam


3 thoughts on “The Bitter-sweet life in Devonport, Tasmania”

  1. Stumble upon your blog while I’m looking for more information bout WHV. 🙂
    So, how’s Sydney? Does it live to your expectation.


    1. Hi Kokom k!
      Sydney is WONDERFUL!
      Been here for almost 2 months and it’s already felt like home.. I love how the city never sleeps, how it’s always full of lights and vehicles wandering around when it’s already past midnight.. I guess it’s just how I prefer my surroundings? As for my job, I’ll probably explain about it more in my future posts.

      Anyway, good luck with WHV this year! 🙂


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