Officially Moving to Australia

I sincerely hope that nobody would ever read this post..

I wrote this especially in english because I know it will be embarassing if any of my family member read about this, especially my mom. 

3rd of April 2019 was finally decided as my official moving day to Australia. Making the decision was a fun filled days of planning, thinking about how my life is going to be, how I will enjoy the cold winter weather while sipping my cup of hot chocolate, and how it’s going to be so fun that I don’t wanna be back home anymore, but days before my adventure began, all those thoughts came attacking me like a nasty flu virus trying to make me feel wrecked all day with a stuffy nose and no tissue. 

Many times, I was thinking about this decision I made, to move far away, away from my loving parents and my safe surrounding, I cried on my bed almost every time I think about those, when someone came in to the room, trying to cover up the sad voice I produced during a very emotional crying moment is overwhelmingly hard, but I did it anyway.

My parents always told me, if it felt too hard and I wanted to quit, I am free to come home anytime I want. Again, listening to those words triggered my emotion and both my lame pair of eyes, which is why I can’t show my parents how sad I am leaving my comfort zone, it’s not going to lead to a happier ending, worst case scenario is that my parents will be sad about letting me go, and I felt heartbroken only thinking about it.

I wrote this particular post in Devonport, Tasmania, and guess what? I have a lot of stuff to tell my mom, but I’m afraid that the moment she pick up the phone, I ended up crying like a baby. Damn this part is extremely hard to write, I can’t control my freaking emotion; get it together dude! You’re embarassing me in front of my friends!

I know there’s a whole new adventure ahead of me, but there are always some thoughts about my current life i’m living. Stepping out of comfort zone is extremely hard, but what makes me have the courage to do so, is that I know, in the end when I realized all the lifes’ adventure I’ve missed, I know I will regret it. 

Regret is the last thing I want in my life.

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam


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