Hostel Review: Uno Capsule Hostel, Medan (English)

After more than a year I wrote lots of interesting (an also un-interesting) stuff, finally I received my first invitation as a reviewer for a new hostel in Medan, called Uno Capsule Hostel. Even though I was given the honor to do such important thing, I will always give my true honest review and of course critics to help them learn and becoming a better hostel.

Uno Capsule Hostel was opened in 18th of December 2018, where in its early young age, this hostel already managed to attract lots of International guests because of its unique concept with white colours all over the hostel and it’s location, which is located in the middle of the city, pretty close to many attractions. Wanna go for a shopping at the mall? There’s Centre Point Mall nearby, which is easily accessible by walking for around 5 minutes (around 400 meters), wanna go to the airport train station? The station is located just across Centre Point Mall. wanna go for a train ride across cities? The train station is located at the same building as the airport train station!

Uno Capsule Hostel has different types of room, with different amount of beds and of course, different prices:

  • 10 bedroom (man and woman separated)
  • 8 bedroom (mixed room)
  • 6 bedroom (only man)
  • 4 bedroom (only woman)
  • Private room (queen bed)
Pricelist for the month of February only!

I was given the chance to enjoy 2 types of room for 2 nights, which were 10 bedroom and 8 mixed bedroom.

I’ve actually came here during the soft opening of the hostel, quite impressed with all of the ideas for Uno Capsule Hostel to actually became a real hostel, they even asked for my opinion about how I actually think about hostel in general, which I am very thankful about, remembering my hostel experiences was not that much to be proud of.

During the check-in process, I was asked to show my ID and the the receptionist will hand me a mineral water, a clean fluffy towel, a padlock for my locker, and a keycard for me to get to the second floor and to open up the door of my room.




1. The minimalistic interior of the hostel is very instagrammable, it’s all white and pretty comfortanle for me to either write my blog on it’s pantry area or chilling at the bean bag in the common area. On the exterior part, there is a mural, specially made by Uno Capsule Hostel for a never ending photo session.




2. The friendly and informative staff is another plus point for this hostel, trust me, they have all the information for you to explore Medan with ease. Oh, they are also very skillful in photography!


3. There is a mixed room available for you to stay together with your friends. To be honest, there’s not much to be afraid of when staying in a hostel, but for most of a first-timer, the question that I was asked the most is “are we going to sleep in the same room or separated into different rooms?” because the most challenging part for a first-timer in a hostel world is to sleep with other strangers in the same room, at least for a first-timer, sleeping in one room together with their friends and on their own bed is much more preferable than sleeping on their own bed but with strangers around. 

4. The bed is pretty comfortable because it’s quite thick, believe me, I’ve tried a thinner bed in other capsule hostel before and it was not comfortable at all. There is an extendable table with you can take out and put it back in, and also an impressive electric plug with 1 normal plug and 2 usb plugs, which means you can charge up to 3 devices at a time! This is actually the first time I’ve found a hostel with this impressive plugs in it’s capsule, because usually it’s only available on the common area, and only 1 sad plug will be available in the capsule room.

My room for the first night
My room for the second night



5. For the room designated for either man or woman only, I found that they are using a special see through curtain. Why is it special? When I turned the light on, everyone can see what I’m doing behind the curtain, but when I turned it off, it was all pitch black from the outside. What’s lacking from this curtain is because some of the light from outside of the capsule can pass through the curtain, that means I couldn’t sleep in a pitch black room (which I usually does at home). 

When the light is off
When the light is on
View from inside of the capsule. I can clearly see what’s happening out there
The curtain in the mixed room is a normal solid cover, which don’t have the same “power” as the curtain I explained above

6. Comfy Playroom / waiting area. There are several beanbags for guest to chill while doing their stuff, watching tv, which was equipped with a speaker and a PS3 to play games. Right beside the tv area, there is a bookshelf, filled with some books, boardgames, and maps to explore medan (even though you can access a map through your smartphone, sometimes it’s quite fun to explore with the old-fashioned way.



Ignore the parking attendant behind me

7. Well equipped pantry with a microwave, fridge, and hot water available for you, who crave for an instant cup noodle for a supper before going to bed. Tea, coffee and mineral water are available on the pantry. I spent most of my time here on the pantry because it’s very comfortable and I can easily write my blog with ease. 



8. This is actually not really important, but the very first time I saw 2 towel/cloth hanger  inside Ini sebenarnya gak terlalu penting sih, tapi baru kali ini gue ngeliat ada 2 gantungan baju di dalam capsule. Langka banget menurut gue karena beberapa hostel yang pernah gue tempatin cuma punya 1 atau bahkan gak ada sama sekali, sampe gue harus gantung handuk di tangga buat orang naik ke capsule atas, kan jorok!,


9. There’s an area for guest to chill while waiting for bathroom turns. Same as the hanger, this is also my first time to see a bathroom waiting area. My previous hostel experience, because there was no bathroom waiting area, I always went back to my bed to wait for my bathroom turn, but few minutes later when I get back to check on the bathroom, someone  else was already there, which resulted in an hour adventure just to take a shower. The bathroom is sparkling clean, and also the very first time I saw both  squatting and sitting toilet in a bathroom, because usually there is only sitting toilet nowadays (squatting toilet only available in womans’ bathroom, I didn’t simple went inside and take pictures, I went inside together with the hostels’ staff and while it was not occupied by guest),


Woman’s bathroom, man’s bathroom is quite smaller in size

10. For anyone who haven’t done any research before coming to Medan, especially an international tourist, there is a huge board filled with researches by the hostel staff about delicacies to try, places to visit within the city and outside of the city. That’s not all, hostels’ staff will be glad to take you exploring around medan, getting food to try, and even accompany you to buy some Medans’ souvenirs,

Information board for guest

11. Locker available for your footwear, there’s also a hostel slipper for you to use within the hostel.DSCF6269.JPG


1. Window access on the second floor is little to none. There’s a big window on the first floor, which makes the area feels open, but on the second floor, small window available only in these 3 rooms, which are 10 bedroom for woman only, 8 mixed bedroom, and 6 bedroom for man only,


2. The size of the locker is too small for me. Only my daily backpack can get inside, so I used up the locker only for important stuff like my camera, laptop, and my wallet, while I put my other stuff on the bed, because the bed is quite spacious,


3. Trying 2 different types of room, I felt that the 8 mixed bedroom was relatively warmer than the 10 man only bedroom. It was breezy cool during the day, but getting hotter towards the night, 

4. Breakfast not provided 😦 but not to worry!, if you are new to Medan and don’t know what to get for breakfast, you can ask for the staff’s help to give you some suggestions, and they can even order it to get delivered to the hostel right away,

Hostel Story Time

During the pre-opening period, I met the pre-opening team of this hostel, and one of them is a staff from BackHome Hostel in Kuala Lumpur! Turns out, the owner of Uno Capsule Hostel is a hardcore fan of hostel, and had tried lots of different hostels around the world, and with his visits to BackHome Hostel Kuala Lumpur, he felt that the system currently used by BackHome Hostel is very guest oriented (a good kind) and at the same time can help the guest having the “feels like home” feeling during their visit. This BackHome Hostel staff is invited directly by the owner of Uno Capsule Hostel to help as the pre-opening team, to give trainings and familiarising with how hostel works, because for most of hotel and hostel, pre-opening is the hardest part to get through. During my two days stay in Uno Capsule Hostel, I felt that all the staff is very friendly and the feeling I had gotten was a lot different than what I got during my several hostel experiences back than. Thumbs up for Uno Capsule Hostel!

Also, this hostel is pretty much favoured by international guests, because I saw lots of them during my stays, but the amout of local guests is catching up as well.

Some of my followers asked me about Uno Capsule Hostel and about a Hostel in general, and some of them even tried to give me a lecture about how hostel and hotel are actually the same. While I tried to explains to them about the distinct differences, they simply replied, what’s different about that?

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam



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