Behind the Beauty of Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill is a beautiful, green hill located on Samosir Island, this story actually happened in November 2017.

One thing I am disappointed about Teletubbies Hill is the people (in this case, the local Indonesian, not the local from Samosir), whom held some kind of tourism promotional event on the hill, but when they were finished the event, they eventually forgot about the trash they left behind (yes, just think positively that they forgot, not that they don’t want to clean their mess, or else it will be much harder to forgive them)

Guess who cleaned their mess? A German citizen, who decided to brought a place at Samosir Island and called it their home. They even asked the local kids to help them. Even though Indonesia is not their country, they’re much more Indonesian than the local Indonesian whom claimed that they love Indonesia.

That night, a majority of rooms were booked by the Ministry of Tourism and the representative from the Ministry of Tourism came to us to do some survey regarding the tourism in Samosir. I totally forgot to ask whether the earlier event at the Teletubbies Hill was their event, but I was being totally honest with the survey, especially on the part regarding the poor awareness of the government and the locals to improve Samosir’s tourism.


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