Mount Bromo and The Crater (English)

The first thing people wanted to see while visiting a mountain is it’s sunrise, and the second thing is of course the mountain itself. So you basically know where we’re heading next!

It’s better for you not to sleep after your sunrise encounter. From mount penanjakan to mount bromo took around 20 minutes with the jeep, with the best view around 5 minutes before you get down to mount bromo’s area. I didn’t manage to take any picture of the view because I was extremely sleepy and I totally forgot to take out my camera. But I can show you how the view might look like.

Travel Hysteria.jpg
How the view might look like on our way to the field down there, Source: Travel Hysteria.

What’s nice to leave the sunrise point first is the advantage to take a great picture without anyone ruining the background. Before going to the crater of mount bromo, the guide took us to a nice field with mount batok in the background. Here, we can take the most popular picture while visiting mount bromo, posing on the jeep with a scenic background. Do not forget to ask for the driver’s approval before climbing on top of the jeep.

For everyone who have been wondering, this is Mount Batok.
The picture every mount bromo’s visitor have been dreaming of.
Family picture.

After a few pictures and even a family picture with the group, we then continuing our journey to the basecamp of the jeep, from here onwards, we will need to walk to reach mount bromo, and a little bit of hike to reach the crater. If you’re hungry or thirsty and have nothing left in your bag, there are a lot of food stalls around the basecamp. Don’t be afraid to drink a lot of water, there is a clean toilet on the way to the mountain, which only costed around IDR 5.000 per person.

The view from the jeep’s basecamp. Look at the crowded crater full of people.
The view from the crater. Can you see the jeep’s basecamp?

There is an option for you if you’re too lazy or tired to walk, there are a lot of horse rental available, where you can ride a horse all the way to the stairway before the crater. The cost of the horse riding depends on where you are standing at. From the jeep’s basecamp onwards might cost IDR 200.000 per person, and after a few meters they might reduce the price by IDR 20.000. The cheapest I was offered is IDR 50.000, which took around 20 meters before reaching the stairways to the crater.

The crater of Mount Bromo.
Pathway to go around the crater.

After all the hard-work, the crater of mount bromo is just right in front of you. It was pretty packed up there as I was visiting it during a weekend. There was a pathway for you to go around the crater to enjoy the view and take pictures, but I didn’t try to explore further as the situation up there was scary, I’m pretty much satisfied to be able to see the crater up close.

I got a tip from the merchant there, they told me if I want to come for a photoshoot, which needed a clear background, I should come during Ramadhan month as Mount Bromo is less crowded during that particular month.

While trying to explain about the beauty of mount bromo and it’s surrounding, there are also a lot of things bothering me about what’s wrong with the situation up there. Should I write something about it? or should I just let it be as it is right now?

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam


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