Mount Bromo and Catching a Sunrise (English)

Mount Bromo is an active volcano, located at East Java, Indonesia. Standing at 2329-meter-high, it’s last eruption was in 2015 and still active until now. Mount Bromo is a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, a massive area with 2 active volcanoes (Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru) located within a crater of an ancient volcano (Tengger), surrounded with a sea of sand, the most visited tourist attraction in East Java.

Continuing my story from the previous post. All of the tour to Mount Bromo will have to make their stop at this certain convenience store, so there might be a whole lot of people queuing for the toilet and cashier. While I am at the convenience store waiting for my turn at the cashier, a woman came to me and asked how much I paid for the tour. I simply said that I paid IDR 300.000 per person, and she put out her shocked face, told us that she was using another tour recommended by her hotel and she paid IDR 500.000 per person. Don’t forget to do your research!

We arrived at Mount Penanjakan, where the sunrise point is located at around 4.30 am, and the sunrise will be around 6 am. Standing tall at 2770 meter, from the entrance of the sunrise point, we will need to hike for around 15 minutes to reach the sunrise point, with a lot of food stalls, souvenir shops and toilet stops around the area. If you forgot to bring your gloves, you can buy it here too, but of course with a slightly expensive price comparing to the one sold at the city. The fastest you reach the sunrise point, the better, because there will be a seating area to watch the sunrise. I didn’t get to enjoy the food at the stall because I was looking to get a better view at the top, but I brought some hot banana fritters to enjoy while waiting in a cold and dark seating area with tons of other people.

The sunrise catcher

Remember, the sunrise point will be crowded AF, so if you’re trying to get a time-lapse video or some nice shots for your Instagram, etc, either take the front row seat or the one at the very back. Because the seating area is similar as the one in a theater, low at the front and high at the back. Another option available is to just stand at the front row in front of the seating area, of course some people might yell at you because you’re blocking everyone’s view, but you will get the best view for yourself. The choice is yours.

Standing tall at the front is Mount Batok, Mount Bromo is located right behind Mount Batok, covered in the sea of cloud.

Around 5.40 am, the sun is starting so rise and you can clearly see the sky turns from pitch black to orange and blue in no time. As there was a lot of tourists, the guide told us to get back to the jeep at 6.15 am because we have to go to the next spot right away and we can avoid the heavy traffic that way. Now that we’ve seen the sunrise, what’s our next destination?

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

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