Mount Bromo and a Flashback (English)

Mount Bromo is a very popular tourist destination in Indonesia, not only for the local, but for the international tourist too. Me and my friends always wanted to visit Mount Bromo, it’s just a matter of timing as none of my friends are easily available because they are all working in a service industry with no fixed schedule. 

Have you ever thought about how planning took the longest time comparing to the actual time you spent on the trip? Well, because planning itself need patient and calculation. Everyone doesn’t have the same schedule and routine, I might be available for the weekend, but my friends might be having the busiest weekend in the history of the mankind. After the hard times planning, there you have the sweet reward of a well planned trip.

Back then, what I thought more during semester break was to get home, back to my comfort zone and do all the comfortable things until the semester break ends and get back to the daily university routine. I prefer comfort over uncertainty. I can spend weeks or probably months just to stay at home and do nothing. Just like that, a long break is gone and I’ve done nothing productive to stand out. I thought it was okay because I was a student, I was young and I need to recover from the busy routine. Then the real life hits me.

Our discussion about a certain trip ended up in the pile of “trip planned but forgotten because our schedule doesn’t match”. I just realized that life as a university student is the best, with 4 months of semester break each year and lots of short break each semester, I could’ve traveled to lots of places, might as well crossed everything from my bucket list. After I graduated from the university, we were all separated into our own destination. All those routine sleepless night together became a story to tell every time we missed each other. if only I have this all figured out back then.

What should be done in order to change the fact that going on a trip all together as a group is quite impossible? Travelling Solo! Which is why, on March 2018, I decided to travel alone to East Java, which is where Mount Bromo is also located at. But I’m not totally alone during my Bromo tour. One of my friend, Anson, is working in Malang and I also made couple of friends at the hostel, whom surprisingly wanted to join the Bromo tour as well. So I ended up went to Mount Bromo with three other friends.

Rafly, Dita, Anson and me. Behind us is the crater of Mount Bromo.

Done with the flashback, lets get back to the real adventure!

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam


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