Mount Bromo and The Essentials (English)


I joined “Nahwa Tour” for this tour, which I found randomly by searching in Google. There are a lot of tours available to bring you to Mount Bromo, but I joined Nahwa Tour’s tour because they are based in Malang and so far their website provides the best information about the tour and the price is somehow cheaper than the other websites.

It’s important for you to choose where to get the tour from. Some tours required you to stay at Surabaya and some at Malang. I choose to get the tour from Malang because it is closer to Mount Bromo.

We were picked up from our hostel by the tour at around 12 midnight with a jeep and went to the first stop, the convenience store on the way to the sunrise point. When we arrived there, I realized that this convenience store is the meeting point for all the tour to Mount Bromo because all of the jeep parked around the convenience store area, so you might meet other people from a different tour. With this stop, you can buy things needed for the tour or simple go to the toilet before continuing the journey to the next stop, the sunrise point.

I’m not sure how much time we spent for the trip to the sunrise point as I fell asleep for the whole journey, but all I know was that the road condition is terrible and I bang my head on the jeep a lot, felt really sorry for the jeep’s owner.


The tour is available any day of the week, but there’s some conditions applied to it.

For weekday, the tour is available for a minimum of 2 applicants per group, while for weekend, the tour is available with no minimum applicant.

As for the tour’s agenda, there is a schedule written in the official website, which you can check here!

In the schedule, there are some spots, which are stated as “optional”. Optional in this case means you can go there or skip it. If you want to go, one spot cost around IDR 10.000 per person.


As I’m joining the “Open Trip”, the price I stated below is the price for the Open Trip only. There’s also a private tour available, go check on the website here!

The weekday tour cost IDR 400.000 per person with a minimum of 2 applicants in a group, while the weekend tour cost IDR 300.000 per person with no minimum applicant. (As of July 2018)

For the payment itself, I paid half of it by transferring to NahwaTour’s bank account and I paid the rest of the money after I arrived back in my accommodation.


These things are stated by the website to bring:

  1. A jacket,
  2. A flashlight,
  3. A trekking shoes,
  4. And gloves and a beanie hat.

I actually brought more things to Mount Bromo, just in case:

  1. A surgical face mask. I brought this along because from all of my friends’s experience they all said that it’s too dusty up there, and we were even visiting a place called Pantai Pasir Berbisik, which is basically a big field with dark colored sand, the guide of the tour told us that it’s the volcanic ashes from Mount Bromo (yes, Mount Bromo is an active volcano). The tour actually provides this mask for all the applicants, but one might not be enough for the whole tour.
  2. Mineral water and some snacks. There are a lot of merchants selling food and drink up in the mountain area, but the price might be much more expensive than the one sold in the city.
  3. Some medicines. Because it’s quite cold up there with a strong wind, just in case if me or any of my friend caught a cold during the tour (Tolak Angin FTW).

Now that all of the essential things have been covered and you are all ready to explore, GO CRAZY!

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam


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