Malang and It’s Beautifully Dangerous Villages (English)

After spending two nights at Surabaya, I continued my journey to Malang, around one and a half hour by train. From Surabaya Gubeng Station, the train is scheduled to leave Surabaya at 7.30am and will be arriving Malang at 9.30am. Malang is a city located around 93 km from Surabaya with a mild temperature, it’s beautiful nature and culinary paradise.

The cool breeze and fresh air will welcome you right after arriving at Malang Station. From Malang Station to my accomodation, I opted to use the online transporation service, as it usually provides a better and reasonable price comparing to the local taxi, which sometimes might rip a big hole on the ol’ wallet if you’re not good in negotiation, in this case, me!

Because of the sttion located in the middle of the city, it only takes me around 10 minutes to my accomodation, I stayed in a beautiful hostel downtown. After checking in and trying to get some information about the city to a fellow guest named Rafly, I ended up spending the entire Malang trip with him and his friends.

We went to Kampung Tridi (Tridi Village), which is a colourful village area, painted by Eddy Supriyanto, as a contribution for people to enjoy 3D painting, increase the tourism sector and to change the status of the area, which back then was known as a slum.


Kampung Tridi actually sounds like Kampung 3D (or 3D Village), in fact, the village is supposed to be named as Kampung 3D, but because of the pronunciation of Javanese people, Kampung Tridi is chosen as the name. As we parked our motorcycle, the rain welcome us, a heavy and sloppy rain. While waiting for the rain to stop, we talked with the local villager there and ended up getting some great information regarding the village. The entry fee for this place is IDR 5.000 per person and you will get a handmade keychain made by the local.

About the information I said earlier, we tried to get some information about how to take an epic picture on the train’s railroad on top of a river, but the local around there told us to be extra careful as there’s no safety gear around and some people are heavily injured and even dead because they tried to take a picture there without precaution, either they slipped and fell down to the river or they got hit by a moving train.

Because we are curious, we tried to go to the exact location, where people tried to get a picture at. As we approached the area, we finally knew why it’s extremely dangerous. The railroad is used for a train to cross a river, thus it is located on top of it and after passing the river, there’s a sharp bend, which hides the upcoming train out of sight, and that’s why a lot of accident happened at that exact location.

The picture that everyone is trying to take, source: malang dotcom
Look at how dangerous it is, right below is a shallow river with huge rocks around.

Remember, a railroad is not a place to take a picture. A lot of people are badly injured and died because of the careless stunt for the sake of getting instagram likes. Some of them turned famous, but they were famous for another thing, don’t be one of them.

A article regarding the incident, here!

Across Kampung Tridi, there is another Kampung called Kampung Biru Arema. This village used to be a slum, similar to Kampung Tridi, but it was later turned by The mayor of Malang to be a tourist spot by painted the whole village in blue, as blue is the official color of the local football team, Arema. This village is also used to promote Arema to tourist from abroad. The entry fee of this village is also IDR 5.000 per person.

DSCF3809 (1)
Kampung Biru Arema, with me also in blue

Another colourful village, called “Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan” (Colorful Jodipan Village), which is the first village to be introduced as a tourist village, painted by some students from Malang Muhammadiyah University.


It is also located side by side with those two villages, making the area around there super colorful. Do visit all three villages while you are in Malang!

With burning curiosity,

Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam


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