Surabaya: Exploring A LOT of Museums + Transportation with just IDR 7.500 (English)

Since Surabaya is Indonesia’s second biggest city, it is crucial to have such easy and informative tour for local and international tourist to get to know better about Surabaya inside out. The government came out with a program called the “Surabaya Shopping and Culinary Track” as a part of public service initiation. This was actually the first time I did a city tour with a bus in Indonesia, where I was brought to lots of museums to learn more about the history of both Surabaya as a city and Indonesia as a country. At the end of the day, all I can say is that I am very satisfied with this tour, and if I didn’t sign up for the tour, I might have spend more money for the transportation fee to each of the museum, a great deal I’ve made so far.


I tried to book this trip online by calling to Surabaya Tourism Information Centre (STIC), but they stated that it’s not possible to book by phone call. You can actually ask the staff at the hostel/hotel that you’re staying at to help you book the seat before your arrival at Surabaya, as it will be full every weekend and during school holiday, but it’s rather empty during neither occasion.

The sign of STIC located inside Balai Pemuda

The office is located at Balai Pemuda (Pemuda Hall). Once you have arrived at Balai Pemuda, you can follow the sign located inside Balai Pemuda complex to get to the STIC’s office, where you can purchase your ticket on the spot for IDR 7.500/ticket/person. The entry fee for almost all of the museums are mostly free, but some museums are charging an entry fee of around IDR 5.000 per person. I spent a total of IDR 17.500 for the entire tour, with two museums requiring an entrance fee of IDR 5.000.

The ticket I purchased for the tour



This tour is only available on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday every week, which will take you around the city from 9 am to 2 pm (5 hours), with a total of 20 seats available per trip. 

The bus is facilitated with an air conditioning

The bus’s routes are different each week. I got the first week’s route, which covered Balai Pemuda (Pemuda Hall) – Balai Kota Surabaya (Surabaya City Hall) – Museum Surabaya (Museum of Surabaya) – Museum 10 Nopember/Museum Tugu Pahlawan  – Museum Kesehatan (Health Museum) – Museum Bank Indonesia – Jembatan Merah Plaza (JMP) – Balai Pemuda. Check out each week’s route here!

The pick up point for the tour is located at Balai Pemuda (Pemuda Hall). I arrived there around 8 am, as the info stated that the bus will leave at 9 am sharp. As the tour started, I was paired with kindergarten kids as they are the only group whom booked for the tour that day. There’s a total of probably 9 people on board including me. The tour starts of from Balai Pemuda towards our first destination, Balai Kota Surabaya (Surabaya City Hall).

P.S: You can hop off from the bus if you feel that 5 hours is too long. They are not going to hold you off for the entire trip, you’re free to leave if you want to 🙂

Curious about my museum tour around Surabaya? New post coming soon!

With burning curiosity,


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