10 Things I Prepared for my First EVER Hostel Stay! (English)

I can’t believe the fact that I will be travelling for 2 weeks all alone!

Hostel itself is a cheaper version of Hotel, where I will be staying in a room with other people, depending on how many beds are available inside the room. The separation of gender in some hostels are also different, some hostels mixed both genders inside the room, while some other hostels separates both genders into their own room. There is also a private room available for 2 person, but because I am going for solo travelling, I will be staying in the room with the most beds (usually 10-12 beds)

For this trip, I stayed in a hostel for 2 weeks and my preparation for this trip was actually quite sudden, basically I only planned where to go only after I’ve reached the destination.

As a newbie in both solo travelling and the hostel world, there are a lot of checklist I made to ensure that I will be just fine during my trip. The check-list itself contains the stuff I need to bring, from a medicine until shoes, all for the sake of a comfortable trip.

So, here’s 10 things that I’ve prepared for my trip:

  1. 70L Backpack
Left: 70L Backpack, Right: Daily Backpack

I know, it’s too big, right? This bag itself is a gift for my 20th birthday from my friends. I am using a 70L backpack because this is the only big bag I have at the moment, you can use a smaller one (40-55L) as 70L is quite big for a 2 weeks trip.

  1. Comfortable foot-wear

I brought a pair of shoes and a pair of sandal. Based on my 2 weeks experiences, the key of having a fashionable yet comfortable trip is to bring only a pair of shoes, which will match right away with any colour whatsoever. One thing I am highly recommending here is to bring a hotel’s slipper (If you happen to keep them), as most of the hostel didn’t prepare a slippers to walk around the room and to go to the bathroom.

  1. Clothes
  • 6 T-shirts,
  • 4 shirts,
  • 2 Bermuda shorts,
  • 1 jeans,
  • 1 sweater,
  • 1 joggers,
  • 3 sleep-wears,
  • 6 pairs of underwear, and
  • 5 socks.

Usually, there are a lot of cheap laundry services by weight around the hostels, so it’s quite safe to bring less clothes or maybe bring more if you want to take several pictures with different clothes (or what people usually called OOTD), nobody will judge you 🙂

  1. Towel

I brought 2 towel just in case, but as I’ve spent 2 weeks staying in a hostel, 2 out of 3 hostels provide a towel for their guest. Do check on the availability of towel from the hostels you’re going to stay at.

  1. Balinese Cloth (Some thin cloth)
Balinese Cloth

You can easily find a thin cloth at any traditional market or even in a shopping mall. I brought a thin cloth as a cover while in a train, and as a blanket as some hostel didn’t provide a blanket for their guest. Do check on the availability of blanket from the hostels you’re going to stay at.

  1. Toiletries

Most of the hostels didn’t provide toiletries, so it is safer to bring your own.

  1. Small Padlock

Pretty useful when the hostel’s locker is a traditional locker with padlock, even though some hostels are using a card reader for their locker.

  1. Eco-Bag

I brought 2 eco-bags, one to keep my dirty clothes and another one to put some clean clothes I am going to use for the next few days. I always unpacked my backpack after reaching the hostel since it is much more efficient, rather than unpacking my bag everyday to take out the clothes.

  1. Daily Backpack

Filled with a laptop, chargers, a book, sunglasses, a camera, a wallet, a hat and other small stuffs. Usually I brought this bag when exploring a city.

  1. My Sanity

My friend suggested me to prepare my sanity because I will be travelling all alone for 2 weeks.

He even asked me this ridiculous question, “Is that possible for a person to go crazy after a 2 weeks of loneliness?” Bro are you even serious???

Now that the preparation is done, shall we begin the new experiences ahead?


With burning curiosity,


Ferry William

Instagram: @ferry_william

Facebook: Ferry William

Twitter: @ferrywilliam

Email: ferrywilliamm@gmail.com

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