A Second Chance! (English)

“What is my passion?”

The question that most people asked themselves after they graduated from the university, fearing to fail the standard of “living the dream” that has been set by the public.

If I want to ask myself the same question, what is my passion?

Sometimes, passion and hobby could be mistaken because of their similarity in my perspective, something that I wanted to do till I die.

I want to bake, to travel, and to write, but are any of those my passion, or only my hobby?

It was answered 2 days ago, I was looking through a website full of job offers and I found 1 position, PR Executive in a hotel management company and the job itself requires me to write and I need to fly along the way to Bali to work in the office.

After I sent my resume and and went through interviews with the company, I was unexpectedly accepted after only two days of getting the call for my first interview’s schedule.

With zero experience in the PR industry, I confidently accepted the job offer, not trying to proof that I’m capable of any job I want, but to support my passion to write and to gain more experience as the media industry is growing rapidly and I wanted to be a part of it, to find more connection and to grow together with the company.

As I am waiting to sign the contract and officially being part of the company, there are a lot of thoughts in my head, thinking about the future of my online dessert business, what will happen to it after I move to Bali, and about my upcoming tea and coffee business, which is still in the planning.

I was stuck in the position of choosing between building my own empire or to work as a PR Executive for a company in Bali, which involved writing and building connection.

A few days later, the question was finally answered!

A thought came to me, I remembered the hard work I’ve put into building my dessert business, the time I spent and the money I’ve borrowed from my parents to make it as it is right now, which I realized that I need to continue moving forward with this business, with a goal to open up one physical store in Medan.

I am re-launching Box of Dessert with a new design and new ingredients, still in an online concept though,

Box of Dessert 2.0

With the purpose of starting a fresh start by changing the packaging’s design into a more luxurious look and switching our chocolate into a high quality, Belgian chocolate.

It was a tough call for me to start my own business and maintain it throughout the time, and that becoming the reason for me to keep the business running.

What about writing and travelling? Building connection and seeing the world?

I will keep on writing in this blog as a hobby and travel as much as I can. Having a business to run doesn’t mean I won’t have time to do anything else.

I will keep on turning my dream into a reality, step by step.

With burning curiosity, 

Ferry William

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