Samosir Island: Non-Halal’s Paradise (English)

Caution: This article is going to explain about the deliciousness of pork dishes in Samosir Island.

While trying to absorb all the beautiful sceneries in mind, one other thing that I was looking for during my trip to Samosir is the food.


I am going to list down several places that I find serves the most delicious food I’ve tried in Samosir:

  • BPK Tomok


In Indonesia, BPK is an acronym of Babi Panggang Karo, which means Karo’s Grilled Pork, usually come with a sides of pounded cassava leaves. BPK Tomok itself is the first place I have my meal at upon arriving in Samosir. Located nearby Tomok Harbour, do try both the pig blood sauce and non-pig blood sauce as both taste totally different but unique in their own way.


  • BPK Lau Renun


Located just straight ahead after the three-way from the harbour, this place beats BPK Tomok for their BPK’s taste, but BPK Tomok is still great with it’s unique sauces. You can order the BPK per kg if you need a kg of it to feel full (I once ate a kg of BPK all alone, still alive)

a normal portion of BPK
a kg of BPK
  • Casa Di Manurung


Shoutout to the best Suckling Pig I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. They served both suckling pork and suckling chicken, but the pork tasted best with the combination of it’s juicy tender meat, crispy skin and their speciality sauce. A portion of suckling pig is IDR 80,000 with a side of potato salad, but we managed to buy half of the whole pork (from the belly up to the head), which costed us around IDR 1,200,000. Best dinner I’ve ever had.

A whole Sucking Pig

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