Wonderful Indonesia: Samosir Island Pt. 3 (English)

Third day, marked as the last day of our trip!

After we checked out from the hotel, we proceed to the other side of Samosir Island which is the only way to access the island by car. The island is linked to the mainland of Sumatra on its western part by a narrow land, connecting the town of Pangururan on Samosir and Tele on mainland Sumatra. It took roughly around 10 hours to get back to Medan (We only spent roughly 4-5 hours from Medan to Samosir), but the scenery of the island totally worth the extra time spent.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 5.57.42 PM.png
It’s written 6 hours 11 minutes, but it’s actually took us 10 hours because of the road’s condition, the weather and the few stops we made.

Our first location was a small water stream on the side of the road, located in the middle of two hills. My friend called this place as the Swiss of Indonesia, he even called our trip as Swiss Trip because of this particular scenery. Due to it’s beautiful view, it’s impossible to missed this place since it look totally different with the previous sceneries we had from the past 2 days, you will eventually stop here and take lots of picture as well.




Our next location was a stall on the hill in Tele, a city connecting the mainland Sumatera and Samosir Island, which served a great Indomie (Indonesian instant noodle) and Coffee. Best recommended time to come here are around sunrise and sunset time, having you cup of coffee while watching the sun rise or sets. Even though it was raining the day we went there and the sun is covered with big blob of clouds, It still has the best coffee and best view from the island, which you can see most part of Samosir from 1700+ masl (meter above sea level) while taking a sip of your warm coffee. Samosir Island is famous for it’s Toraja Coffee, which is a must-try coffee if you visit Samosir.

The view from 1700+ masl (meter above sea level)
The famous Toraja Coffee.

The day turned dark as we proceed to our next destination for 4 hours ride, Berastagi. Berastagi is a city located on 1300 masl, 66 kilometers on the southern of Medan, in which we will have to cross several cities in between in order to reach there. It was 6 pm and there’s no sign that the rain is going to stop. On a hill surrounded by a wood, with no street light and thick mist, the only option we had was by driving slowly till we reach the first city, Sidikalang, from there on, it will be much easier as there are several houses on the side of the road to minimize the creepy-ness.

“Into the Woods” Creepy yet fascinating

Actually, Samosir Island is trully beautiful, you will end up taking lots of pictures through-out your journey, even on the side of the road. There is also a lot of tourism place that is worth to visit in Samosir Island, like Batak Museum, Huta Bolon Museum, Sapo Juma Flower Garden, Bukit Indah Simajarunjung, Bukit Holbung and more, but out trip focused more on the landscapes of Samosir Island, somewhere with less tourist, and even no tourist at all.

Holbung Hill, look at that view! Will be here next time!

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