Wonderful Indonesia: Samosir Island Pt. 2 (English)


The next day, yet another unfortunate thing happened.

We were supposed to stay at that cottage for two night as for the booking we made earlier, but, the next day after our first night, they told us that their cottage is full and we will need to check-out immediately.

After we talked and discussed for a while with the cottage’s reception, they managed to move us to other accommodation, with a more expensive price but quite a nice surrounding, named the Samosir Villas.

DSCF3139DSCF3135DSCF3140We then spent the second day by driving around the island. All I can say is that Samosir is trully beautiful, an island for people whom appreciate the nature at its best. Even on our way to the accomodation, there are endless scenery to enjoy.

Our first stop was a bungalow on the side of the road, there is a pathway there that leads to an instagram worthy place. To reach this place, just turn left from Tomok Ferry Harbour and just go straight until you find a bungalow on the side of the road. (Sadly I forgot to the a picture of the bungalow)


Our second stop was a hill, we don’t know what this hill called, but one of my friend suggested that it should be called Teletubbies Hill (like the one in the movie), thus I’m going to call it teletubbies hill as well. To reach this place, turn right from Tomok Ferry Harbour, go straight ahead until you see a three-way, and turn right, and lastly go straight for probably 100-200 meters, the location is nearby there on the left side of the road. Oh, after you turned right on the three-way, don’t forget to look at the back view, you won’t regret it.

Teletubbies Hill, as what my friend named this place.


Just don’t forget to look at the back’s view!

Lastly we spent the night by chilling at the bar nearby our accomodation, called the Casa Di Manurung, a very chill bar with a live band, where you can request songs and a lot of selection of beverages, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. They also sell the best suckling pig I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Suckling pig is a widely known dish in Bali, Indonesia, but it was even better than the suckling pig from Bali (I’m not kidding). Even writing this part makes me crave for Samosir’s suckling pig (I’m going to explain more about the suckling pig in my next article).


Accomodation price: The Samosir Villas, IDR 700,000 for suite room with 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed

Curious about our trip on the next day? Third part coming soon!

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