Self Reflection, What’s with 2017 (English)

Finally back to this blog after a hectic week!

2017 has been a year full of surprises, with the bat of eyes, it’s already the month of October, few months left until it’s reaching 2018.

I decided to go back to Medan on 12th of September 2017, with the intention to stay for a month, while trying to fix some of my mistakes back in Bali.

List of stuff I will need to fix while I’m back:

  1. I just realised that my driving licenses were expired, andI will need to go back to Medan to renew them. I can actually renew them in Bali, but I missed the date because it’s on the same date as my flight to Bandung (read about my adventure in Bandung here!).
  2. I lost my ID card. After many speculation that I lost it in Bandung because domestic flight needs an ID card to get on board, it turned out I mistakenly put it inside a plastic bag, filled with gifts to be given to a friend in Bali.
  3. Last but not least, back in July, I already bought a flight ticket from Medan to Malaysia for my graduation ceremony on October 2017, which basically supporting my decision to go back to Medan and stay for a month.

Back here in Medan, back to my comfort zone, everything is enjoyable, everything is provided.. well almost everything, one thing not provided here is the sense of adventure.

I didn’t come back to Medan without any plan, though:

  1. I managed to re-open my dessert’s online business, Box of Dessert, literally right after I landed in Medan, the first thing I was thinking about is to buy the ingredients for that night’s brownie orders.
  2. Back to Kisaran, my hometown and managed to renew my driving license without any difficulties, still need to come back after a month to take the actual ID because currently I am only given a receipt of renewing a driving license, but still, lots of my burdens are finally being lifted.
  3. Lastly!, planning for a trip around Medan, this project will be highlighting Medan’s tourism sites within the city and it will be displayed in a written format in this blog.


Medan is known as the 3rd biggest city in Indonesia. Me and my friends already did this trip before in 2014, called Medan Project 2014, to raise an awareness about the tourism in Medan because of it’s amazing diversity in culture and cuisine, to the extend that it was documented in a video format and planned to be uploaded on Youtube. But, sadly after we finished with the video shooting process, all the raw and un-edited content were abandoned and the ideas were being scraped off completely.

That’s all of my plan for a moment, starting to feel alive all over again!


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