Box of Dessert: The Short and Continuous Journey (English)

Based in Medan, Indonesia, Box of Dessert was an online-based dessert business, been operated for almost 3 months and was eventually put on hold temporarily.

Officially opened on 31st of April 2017, and closed temporarily at 24th of July 2017.

No one really knew why Box of Dessert suddenly emerging to compete in the dessert business in Medan, not even me.

Box of Dessert was actually planned as a physical store in January, months before the official online store’s opening, but the idea ended up being forgotten in the folder titled “SOON!” because of the fact that it will need lots of resources and time to organise all of the missing pieces.

The opening of the online store as well was quite sudden, with no plan, with no packaging, with no idea where to buy the ingredients, and it’s only my second time in making brownies.

It all started when I asked my friend for advices on how to open up a business, while explaining about my plan to open up a pastry shop, my friend was thrilled to try my product and ended up ordered it.

My first and only product at that time being introduced was chocolate fudge brownie, with 3 additional flavors being introduced in the following month.

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The first customer who ordered my brownie, turned out to be the first customer who cancelled the order,

The cancellation made by the first customer was like an eye opening experience for me, first rule of online business is clearly something not to mess with, do not make the order if the money hasn’t been paid yet, well, or at least half of it.

As my first customer cancelled his order, I managed to get another friend of mine to buy my brownies, my second customer.


Didn’t expect this business to run for almost 3 months, I was expecting it to last for only a day, as I still has no intention to do brownies online business and clearly I prefer to have a physical store if possible.

After I successfully sold my first box of brownie to my second customer, my cousin came to my home and was being attracted by the smell of the brownie, my cousin ended up becoming my third customer.

On the third day, words travel fast in social media, and friends after friends came to me to buy my brownie,

2nd of May 2017 marked as the day I decided to make Box of Dessert as a permanent online shop and started to do some research regarding the things needed to expand my online business.

White-overall simple box decided to be the packaging while the logo of black and white was printed out as a sticker.


To be honest, I actually tried to change the ingredients several times, trying to make the cost cheaper as I used up quite some money for the ingredients, in this moment, I was awakened with the words “If there’s a price, then there’s a quality”

The cheap ingredients I used to make brownies, actually ended up ruining the flavor and the aroma of the brownie itself.

I ended up revert back in using the first version of the ingredients used, with slightly expensive ingredients in order to let all of my customer experienced the true flavor of my brownie.

What surprised me the most is the fact that 1 box of brownies took roughly 1 hour to finish, and the most extent I made in a day were 8 boxes of brownie.


8 boxes of brownie needed to be done in a day

My system is that I always made the brownie early in the morning to make sure that it’s fresh from the oven, not a “made 1 day before and claimed it as fresh” brownie, unless the customer is the one who ask me to break my rules.

8 boxes times an hour mean 8 hours of production in a day, I still remember that I started all those orders around 3 am and managed to get everything done by 11 am, big thanks to my mom who helped by cleaning all the mess that I made.

and now for the big news!

The real reason I wrote this article, is to inform everyone about the long awaited announcement..


Box of Dessert will start BAKING on the 14th of September 2017!

Place your order and enjoy a free delivery within Medan’s Areas from 14th of September until 16th of September as a re-opening gift for all of the brownie enthusiasts in Medan.

With the size of 20 cm x 20 cm.

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownies: IDR 120,000 (16 pcs or 25 pcs)*
  • Ovomaltine Brownies: IDR 150,000 (16 pcs or 25 pcs)*
  • Nutella Brownies: IDR 150,000 (12 or 25 pcs)*
  • Salted Caramel Brownies: IDR 150,000 (16 or 25 pcs)*
  • Assorted Brownies (Choose any topping available in a box): IDR 150,000 (25 pcs)*

*  = number of cuts in a box of 20cm x 20cm.

Click Box of Dessert for more info!

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