Nusa Penida: a Beginner’s Guide (English)

Nusa Penida is the biggest of 3 islands, located on the south eastern coast of Bali, a part of Indonesia’s tourism site with lots of hidden gems.

I’ve been to Nusa Penida twice, once with lots of amazing adventures and the latest one as a guide in disguise.

There are choices of a truck or a motorcycle for traveling purposes in this beautiful island. You may be able to find a rental car but they are not common and not recommended as the roads to as good as every spot worth seeing are very rough and small.

Where To Go:

  1. Crystal Bay
Pardon the “after a heavy rain” sky and shirt

Crystal Bay is a white sand beach, offered lots of snorkeling spots. Do find some local guides there for a tour around the snorkeling areas with a boat.

The most popular snorkeling spot in Crystal Bay is Buddha Status on the bottom of the sea. The statue itself was located there for tourism purposes. But when I went there, the statue was covered in a white cloth, seem scary looking from the surface, when I asked the guide about it, he said that the owner of the statue covered it to preserve the statue as it’s not a peak season for tourist to come (December 2016).
Courtesy of

Still, it was an amazing experience for me, snorkeling while looking at the big covered statue down there.

Courtesy of
  1. Kelingking Secret Point Beach


Translated to english as Pinkie Beach (because of its similar shape with a pinkie finger), most famous for it’s views in all over Instagram pictures.

There is an amazing beach down the cliff by following the small trail of stairs. At the same time, you can take a picture on top of the love tree, located within the same area with Kelingking Beach.


IMG_3542 2
Love Tree

Be cautious when climbing down the stairs, safety of the area is not guaranteed.

Courtesy of
  1. Pasih Uug (Broken Beach) and Angel Billabong
Pasih Uug a.k.a Broken Beach

Both Pasih Uug and Angel Billabong are located within the same area. The first thing you will see is Broken Beach, a cave, which has lost its roof over time, now you know why it’s called “Broken”.

Angel Billabong

img_3586-e1504865803623.jpgAngel Billabong is a natural infinity pool, which is also dangerous if you’re not being careful. To go to Angel Billabong, you have to walk for around 200 meters by following the sign.

Courtesy of Salt in our Hair
Sumber dari Salt in our Hair
Courtesy of Lady Pinem
When the big waves hit the natural pool, always be cautious! Courtesy of Lady Pinem

Be cautious when swimming in the natural pool, lots of tourist were missing here because of the sudden big waves, which sometimes will hit the area and people might get swept down to the sea.

  1. Atuh Beach


Sharing a similarity with Raja Ampat in Papua, Atuh beach is one of those high white limestone cliff beaches. You will have to drop your scooter off and walk for 10 minutes. You will arrive on top of one of the cliffs and there’s a treehouse located there, a great place to take a stunning picture.

Treehouse of Atuh Beach. Courtesy of Instagram: @nerrisa

There is a beautiful but inaccessible beach called Volcom with an amazing view of pinnacles and crystal clear water. Even from this height you can see the coral, and if you are lucky, some turtles or mantas.
Volcom Beach, Courtesy of

Look for the stairs going all the way down to the beach to this uninhabited sandy beach for a swim in the crystal clear water.

Pro Tips:

  1. CASH only! Do remember to bring more cash to this island as there are fews ATM machines in the island located far away from the tourism destination.
  2. If you are using a motorcycle, always remember to fill in the gas tank because there are very few gas stations available, you can also buy some gas from the local people with a much expensive price.
  3. For a great adventures, do stay for a night on the island, because you won’t enjoy everything if you force yourself to visit all the sites within a day.
  4. There are also tour packages for a day visit to Nusa Penida with local guides from Bali, do check out from the tourism information nearby.

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