Turning 22 and a Bucket List! (English)

21st of August 2017, the day I turned 22!

Lets talk about my bucket list and what I have accomplished after 22 years living in this amazing yet confusing world!

Bucket List:

  1. Financially Independent
  2. Bungee Jumping
  3. Take my parents anywhere they want
  4. Live abroad the country without my family
  5. Wear a Graduation Gown
  6. Travel Around Indonesia
  7. Hike a Mountain
  8. First Class Flight
  9. Skydiving
  10. Diving in a Wrecked Ship

1. Financially Independent

Courtesy of theodesseyonline.com

One of the most difficult thing for me to do is to take care of my financial life.

I’ve been reading books about how a girl from a normal life, getting hit by life to her darkest hour, and becoming a millionaire at a very young age, 26. Her story triggered my inner self into becoming a millionaire, just like her.

I’m still far away from being “Financially Independent”, but it’s not impossible.

2. Bungee Jumping

courtesy of tripoto.com

It’s been in my bucket list since high school, probably 5 years ago.

I first knew about bungee jumping while watching a korean variety show, they were in Shanghai Tower, where all the cast will need to jump in order to clear the mission.

While some of the cast were terrified with the mission, me, in my room sitting in front of my laptop, I was amused with how lucky they are. They were given the chance to do something that not everyone could, well for me it’s quite expensive, to travel there and to pay for the entire expenses, but it’s not impossible.

I couldn’t set the goal yet, as I have other priorities for myself, but I am positive I will be able to conquer bungee jumping, either in Shanghai Tower, or in New Zealand, the inventor of Bungee Jumping.

3. Take my parents anywhere they want

Courtesy of picturequotes.com

Who doesn’t?

They always told me about their undying to Japan and I would love to do anything to take them there.

As of today, I’m still a jobless guy with lots of hope.

As soon as I have enough resources, Japan, nope, any country in the world, here we come!

4. Live abroad the country without my family

Courtesy of homelifeabroad.com

Lived in Malaysia for 3 years to pursue my university study.

All I can say is

“Living abroad all by myself is not as scary as what people might think”

Of course you have to take a good care of yourself, no breakfast wilil be served on the table as soon as you wake up, you have to learn their language, you have to do your own laundry, and solve your own problem.

But that’s the best part. You can feel the sense of accomplishment along the way.

When you live with your parents, you are safe inside your comfort zone with everything provided for you, and by that, you won’t feel the real true world, you will feel too comfortable, and you will miss all the fun from the world out there, where all the magic happens.

If I didn’t study abroad and live far away from my parents, I don’t think I will be the same as who I am right now.

I’ll be Ferry who is clueless on how do laundry, Ferry who don’t know how to do groceries, and Ferry who can’t take care of himself and his surrounding.

So, embrace it when you are given the chance to study abroad, it’s the greatest gift that my parents have given to me.

5. Wear a Graduation Gown

Gretchen Rubin
Courtesy of Gretchen Rubin


14th of October 2017 will be the day, the day where I will wear a graduation gown, the day I will officially be a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours) from Taylor’s University Malaysia.

6. Travel Around Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country with 34 provinces and 17,504 islands, known as the Indonesian Archipelago.

As an Indonesian, have you ever heard Trinity from The Naked Traveler? She is an Indonesian and she has been traveling to almost all 34 province of Indonesia and 82 countries around the world (as of 26th of August 2017) and the number is still growing.

Trinity is the one behind my goal to travel around Indonesia. Even thought there are several reasons to hate Indonesia, there are also million other reasons to love Indonesia.

So, the big question is, how many provinces have I been travelling to for the last 22 years?

7… 7 out of 34 provinces!

Definitely will need more time and resources to conquer all 34 provinces, but I won’t say it’s impossible, yet, not until I reach provinces number 34, just like Trinity.

7. Hike a Mountain

View from the top of Mount Batur

Mount Batur is marked as the first mountain I’ve ever climbed.

Standing tall at 1717 meter, with 3 hours hike, and lots of laughter when I fell down (multiple times, un-injured) because of the slippery path.

Basically from the explanation above, I have actually Hike a Mountain”,

But, why stop there? So, I am adding a new title in my bucket list

“Experiencing The True Mountain Climbing Experience”

I will be required to climb a mountain higher than 3000 meter, build a tent, cook some instant food, reach the top, and safely get back to the ground.


8. First Class Flight

I will be totally surprised if Emirates Airlines offered me a seat in the first class cabin.

I had traveled using Emirates Airlines twice in the past (Economy Class of course) for a flight to Amsterdam and Paris in 2015 and 2016 respectively,

Emirates Airlines’s First Class Cabin is so popular among travellers and lots of people had documented their experience in the luxury cabin, which is what I will do as well someday.

9. Skydiving

Courtesy of amazingpict.com

Another extreme sport in the list!

few weeks ago I saw a video in Facebook, a girl is required to clear up her bucket list within a week, and guess what?

Skydiving is within her list!

Lucky for her, she worked in a popular internet media company, and her video project is fully funded by her company. This is why, always take chances, if things didn’t went as planned, it’s a lesson. If it did, it’s a blessing.

What I don’t realised is that there’s a skydiving program available in Indonesia. Would love to try it, but will need to wait until I have enough fund.

10. Diving in a Wrecked Ship

Last but not least, yet another extreme sport!

I heard Bali has one wrecked US war ship, located in Tulamben, Bali, an effortless wrecked ship for a beginner diver.

I have never dived in my entire life, which means this is the perfect spot for me to start my diving journey.


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