Bandung: What to EAT (English)

Bandung is one of the culinary heaven in Indonesia, with lots of selection of foods and beverages, 5 days in Bandung will totally make you FAT!

Below are the places I recommended, to start your culinary journey if you’re in Bandung!

  • Mie Rica Kejaksaan (not Halal)
Pic by other source

Shoutout to the best noodle I’ve ever tried in Bandung!

Mie Rica Kejaksaan has 3 locations in Bandung, the one I tried is located in Paskal23 Shopping Centre, this noodle place served noodles with varieties of toppings, from chicken rica, pork rica, spicy prawn, and more. Rica itself is actually a sweet and spicy chili sauce.

Recommended food: Noodle with Pork Rica (Mie Rica Babi), and the Fried Dumpling.

Price: 3/5

Pro tip: If you are not a big fan of spicy food, do request for a sweet sauce in the noodle, it will help to bring the heat down.

  • Sudirman Street + Cibadak Street

Connected to each other, both has a distinct food with it’s own characteristic.

Sudirman Street is popular for it’s pork dishes, like Pork Skewer and Fried Pork.

Cibadak Street is popular for it’s typical Bandung food, like Roti Bakar, Ronde Jahe, and do try out Kobe Teppanyaki  Japanese Food in Cibadak Street, it’s mindblowing.

Recommended Food: Roti Bakar in Cibadak Street, and Pork Skewer in Sudirman Street

Price: 2/5

Pro tip: If you’re in Sudirman Street, try to find a place to sit first, especially during weekend. If you’re in Japanese Food Cibadak Street, come earlier as this place is always packed like crazy.

  • Batagor Kingsley

The most popular Batagor place in Bandung. Batagor itself means Bakso Tahu Goreng in Bahasa Indonesia, or Fried Bakso and Tofu, usually served with peanut sauce and a dash of sweet blackbean sauce. Do try out the Fried Aroma Banana for dessert, I almost bring this dessert back to Bali, seriously. Frozen Batagor is also available if you want to bring it back to your city/country.

Recommended Food: Mixed Fried Batagor (Batagor Campur Goreng), Fried Aroma Banana (Pisang Aroma)

Price: 3/5

Pro-tip: add more sweet, blackbean sauce for a mindblowing experience.

  • Paskal Food Market

Located in Paskal 23 Shopping Centre, this beautiful foodcourt offers variety of Bandung speciality food.


Recommended Food: Bolu Bakar, Satay Kecap.

Price: 3/5

Pro-tip: first thing first, try to find a place to sit, and to purchase any food there, you will need to buy a token from the cashier, refund are not available.



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