BANDUNG: What to DO (English)

Bandung is a beautiful city with lots of hidden gem within the city, what I am doing right now is to discover some of it in 5 days, why only some of it? Because I want to have a reason to be back to Bandung in the future.

So, how to spend a very great time in Bandung?

  • Braga Street

What makes this street so special is because of the european ambience. Together with the cool weather, walking around Braga Street feels like I was back to the 19’s, looking for a cup of warm coffee.

Colonialized by the Dutch, has turned the street into a mini european neighborhood, and some of the restaurant and cafe with a classic design within the street is preserved to enhance the uniqueness of the street.

  • Paris Van Java

DSCF2130Paris Van Java is the most popular shopping mall located in the heart of Bandung. With it’s unique name of Paris, it’s motto is to give the “Paris” experience to the people in the building. With the selection of branded stuff, restaurants, cafes, and a movie theatre, Paris Van Java is a great choice to spend your night.

  • Bandung City Park

    Bandung has lots of parks within the city with unique theme for each park. For example, Photography Park for a photographer or modelling purposes, Single Park for a single person, Skateboard Park, Movie Park, and etc.


  • Lembang

Lembang is a city located around 30 minutes drive from Bandung. With lots of recreational places, like Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Dusun Bambu, and Floating Market, it’s a must to visit Lembang.




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