Touchdown, BANDUNG! (English)

“The temperature here is just right for me”, that’s what came first in my mind.

The city of Bandung is surrounded by mountains, so the morphological form of its territory is like a giant bowl, the weather itself is quite cool (for a tropical country) with an average of 23.5ºC  as it is located ±768 m above sea level.

Sadly, I didn’t managed to capture any picture from above the clouds as I was fast asleep for the entire flight, 2 hours of sleep last night was totally worth it.

I’ve planned lots of trip to Bandung in the past, but it were all cancelled because my friends didn’t really meant it when they said that they would love to join *cough*, but now that my friends since primary school suggested a trip to Bandung, it feels like a dream come true.

The total member for the trip is 6 people including me. Two of my friends are working in Bandung, one of them will be coming from Jakarta on Friday, one will be coming from Medan by flight tomorrow, and one more friend will come today by flight, quite complicated but who cares.

I’ve landed in Bandung at 07:55, and currently waiting for my friend who will be arriving on 11.55 if there’s no delay.

The question is, how do I kill 4 hours while waiting for her?

Well, the first thing I found when I came out from the Domestic Arrival’s gate is Starbucks Coffee, the perfect place to chill for 4 hours straight. Located just across the gate, I spent 4 hours here waiting for her and writing this article at the same time.

Currently we don’t have any plans on what to do in Bandung, but an unexpected plan is usually the best plan, especially when you’re not in a rush (yes, I haven’t buy my return ticket).

Looking forward for the adventures ahead!

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