Moving to BALI, again! (English)

It all started in August 2016, I moved to Bali, Indonesia, temporarily as I was having my university’s internship program in Bali. For 4 months I lived and worked in Bali, which I almost considered as “home”. After the Internship program ended, I decided to permanently live in Bali, I’ve sent lots of job applications to hotels in Bali, finding a house to rent together with my friends, and even thinking about buying a small car to go to work.

January 2017, I came back to Medan, Indonesia for Chinese New Year and holiday purposes, while waiting for the job’s interview invitation.

February 2017, my parents told me about sending me to Australia to continue my further study and my plan on moving permanently to Bali was cancelled, my entire plan was being scraped off and I know that a new plan is required for me to move on.

March 2017, I started to look for some information about how to go to Australia and any paperwork needed for registration. Me and my parents agreed that first, I should take the Work and Holiday Visa for 1 year, to see whether Australia is a best fit for me to live (if possible, permanently).

I read that the visa is quite easy to acquire and 1000 people are allowed to register per year. Inside my head, my brain told me to “go for it”, well, I was a fool thinking that 1000 is a huge number, so I went on with the registration process and waited for the further notification for the interview date.

July 2017, yet another amazingly planned plan being scraped completely, again.

I read from the Indonesia’s Imigration Website, that there were more than 4000 people registered for the program and with the “first come first served” system, the website came out with 1200 names, whom are eligible for the interview and my name is nowhere in the list.

For those whom are wondering why 1200 names, there will be 2 interviews, first interview with the Indonesian Immigration, and the second interview with the Australian Embassy, which means, those 1200 people will need to fight for a spot as the “1000 selected finalist”.

A few days before that devastating news came out, I planned a 3 weeks trip to Bali with a one-way ticket, I don’t really know why I bought a one-way ticket, but something told me that I am not going to regret it.

My flight was scheduled on the 24th of July 2017, and I’ve got no plan at all, so I will definitely up for a sudden plan in Bali, lots of it.

6th of August 2017, Here I am, been 2 weeks in Bali, looking for activities to do, places to eat, beaches to chill, and a job, getting back to where I am exactly 1 year ago.

1 year full of surprises indeed! (and more ahead)


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