Introduction, STORY OF WILL (English)

Basically, I’m going to ask myself several questions about the life changing decision I made today and guess who’s going to answer all those questions? Me, surprisingly!

  • The first question is always about “why I am writing a blog”,

I am an Instagram person, I like to share a picture of me travelling and doing the stuff that I liked. One thing I hated about Instagram is the practice of a brief caption for every picture I am going to post. People nowadays (including me), likes to keep the caption short and questionable, leaving all their followers clueless about what’s the real deal of the picture.

Writing a blog is always scary to me, thinking about everyone out there reading my life, judging my english and writing ability,

But what’s life without those challenges, right?

So, to answer why am I writing a blog,

Because I can tell the story of everything I did, no brief and confusing captions, no irrelevant quotes from Google, only a full explanation regarding the pictures I took, what I did there, why I went there, etc.

  • The next question is probably going to be “wouldn’t it be the same as Instagram? Posting picture and writing stuff?”,

Well, it’s tough to write an extensive caption in Instagram without ruining the overall structure, and who actually wrote an entire paragraph as their photo caption?

Besides, Blogger sounds cooler than Instagrammer (is this the right term?)

  • Next question, “Is this blog going to be written in English?”,

I will write every post in 2 languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Why English? To share ideas internationally with people from another country (I hope someone out there will read my Blog),

Why Bahasa Indonesia? Because I’m an Indonesian, obviously.

  • Last but not least, “why STORY OF WILL?”,

“Will” is my last name, as in Ferry William, “Will” itself stand for lots of positive meaning in english,

and this is my story.


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